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Monday, September 30, 2013

Bigger Dogs

Well, on the heels of opening my big mouth and relating how I had given up larger dogs for life, I adopted one recently.  Bentley is a floppy-eared, fuzzy-faced German Shepherd mix who is adorable and wonderful.  I read of him in a small Morgan Hill newspaper - how sweet he was, and how his former owner sobbed as he gave him up to move away for a new job and rented house that did not allow dogs.  Bentley looks older with his fuzzy beard, but he's just 1.8 years old.  I take him to the dog park six days a week for up to an hour to exercise and play with him, and give him the outdoor activity he needs and deserves as a healthy young dog.  He loves our two smaller dogs, but mostly loves hanging out with me all the time.  I'm indeed beyond having beautiful German Shepherd show dogs, but having a dog that attaches himself to me as the alpha person and gives me so much love and dedication is once again very special and rewarding - for both of us.  I saved his life in rescuing him from the shelter - and he saved mine in lifting my spirits and getting me back out to exercise and be active every day.  Our connection is very special, and I so love this dog.  More on him later, no doubt, down the road...

His colors blend nicely with the couch - uh, 
till Marsha gets home (shhh!)

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