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Thursday, December 27, 2012

What's the Best about the Holidays?

Family first, of course, though many other things.  We love seeing the kids, grandkids, and any and all family that find a way to stop by in the Fall on through Christmas.  We also love making and eating great meals, and Marsha always steps up and makes that happen.  Then there's all the fun, interesting little decorations around the house, along with fun shots of the family dogs and other random shots.  We also like, of course, the local Christmas Parade, all the neighborhood decorations, and of course all the fun music and Christmas Movies playing in the background.  Finally, for this year again, it was about mostly Marsha's efforts to help those less fortunate as she gathered 3 rooms full of donations for us to help local families relocate into new homes.  Most of these things are featured here in my usual small collective of photos.  We thank the Lord for another great year and our prosperity, and hope 2013 is another special one!

 Christmas Tree Happy Fellow
 Scruffy & Murphy Get into the Festive Mood
 Almost Dinner Time on Christmas Eve
 More Around-the-House Favorite Christmas Decor
 Living Room Look for Christmas donations gathering for the needy...
Dancing Ladies in the Annual Morgan Hill Christmas Parade;  Cheers All!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

For November, 2012 -- just a few random People Shots.  Pumpkin People, Ghostly People, Little People, Statue People, Posing People.  People are always great subjects, and shooting them in special settings or conditions is always a challenge.  People shooting is also often people watching - fun stuff too - and people are otherwise endless subjects in and endless variety of circumstances.  More of these to come...

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