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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Man's Best Friend

Animals will appear on this site from time to time - especially dogs.  I love dogs more than I can explain, so I certainly love taking photos of them.  For this posting I share a few recent dog photos that I enjoyed painting over with textures from the fun Photo Shop plug-in, Topaz.  Not that a cute or gorgeous dog needs to be embellished in an image, but giving them a painted look seemed to beautify them further, and sort of immortalize them.  While of course not all dogs I photograph are mine, we all want to immortalize the dogs that have been part of our lives, and we never forget them - not a one...

 Can we eat now?

 Fetch at the Beach

 I could go for a beer!

 Lounging Brothers

 One-eyed Wonder Dog

 This seat is taken - always!