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Monday, November 21, 2011

I took a left turn away from playing in and directing United States Chess Federation tournaments about 25 years ago.  Life happens and changes our direction and priorities.  As of now, I'm turning right and getting back into that world.  I won't of course play with anything other than the beautiful - and required - classic Steineiz chess set.  None the less, I have a small collection of other "decorative" sets which I enjoy for their unique sculptured look.  Herewith a few shots from one of my favorite sets, which I first saw displayed in my veterinarian's lobby - had to have one, went right out and got one.  The Game of Kings, featuring the King of the Jungle...


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The highly promoted "Safe Halloween" event in downtown Morgan Hill:  the community loves and buys into it, and we subsequently have a huge crowd lining the closed-to-traffic streets for two hours each year as costumed kids and parents alike walk the line and collect candy from the generous shop owners along Monterey Road who hope to please the locals and bring them back as customers again, and again.  While they love the free candy, the hundreds of attendees each year no doubt love the macabre pageantry and fun of the whole thing that seemingly brings the entire population of Morgan Hill into downtown.  I concentrated my photo shots this year on adult costumes, and here are a few examples of my favorite grown-ups being kids again.    the papaROYzzi