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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

                       Live Fish and a lotta fun and welcoming artistic rendurings
                                Birds too!  Don't miss the Penguin Gang also...
                Beautiful Creatures beyond description, but thankfully, a photo story
                 Shooting Silhouette - everybody has a camera in this wondrous place
                                                 Fish? I'm ready - gimme some!
When it rains Jelly Fish, it Pours!  Another two-photo Montage

The Monterey Bay Aquarium - one of the finest in the world.  Hard to take photos there with the light and reflecting glass of the tanks, but one gets a few good shots here and there - or trumps them up!  The main thing is experiencing this wondrous place with its broad collection of creatures, tribute to John Steinbeck, playful places for kids, and much more.  The most wonderful 3 or 4 hour walk you can take, anywhere.  See my favorite photos from my shootout here in January of 2012 through my EVENTS1 link on www.nokodachrome.com.