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Friday, July 5, 2013

Photographic Metaphors

Two Sunflowers, both photographed on the same day.  One strong and vibrant, the other weak and weathered.  I remember thinking as I encountered these two members of the Gilroy Gardens during that day that they seemed like a metaphor for life - and my photography.  Sometimes life - and my shooting results - are powerful and strong.  Sometimes life and the junk I find I got when I get home and review my photos are withered and lacking.  Photography, though,  much like life, is always filled with hope, and hope is what keeps us going.  To wit, I shall keep on keepin' on, getting up each day, putting one foot forward at a time, and hope and expect the best.  Similarly, I shall get out there with one camera or another, in varying conditions, and give my best effort to finding special scenes and capturing special shots, a few of which I hope are worthy to share, put up on my web sites, and/or occasionally print and put up at home or in a gallery show.  After all, it's the daily adventure, grind, and effort that we all love and enjoy as much as much as the outcome, even if we're disappointed some days.  

PS:  I share a few other favorite shots here too from some of the fun outings of June: Gilroy Gardens, Monterey, and dinner for my 11th Anniversary with Marsha, whom I've shared my life with for a total of 19 years now.  

Happy Shooting, everyone.